is an accelerator program focused on helping bootcamp graduates break in to the engineering and design field faster by providing them with real-world experience.

In addition to building real products, theCOOP aims to provide mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities for individual growth.

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theCOOP offers a way to get to the next level

Bootcamps provide a solid starting point for a career in tech, but most employers are looking for deeper levels of experience than someone can get in a 3 or 4 month course. theCOOP offers a way to get to the next level, with longer term projects and larger codebases for new engineers to gain experience with. A cross-functional team approach prepares contributors for the collaborative environments found at most leading companies.

Jon Thornton

Engineering Director, Squarespace

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theCOOP was the answer to what I should be doing after bootcamp

The network of people, ongoing learning, and opportunity to work on a real product with a team of engineers and UX designers are indespensable for building the skills.

Dan Boterashvilli

Engineer, theCOOP

Learn by Breaking Things

"Are you looking for a Safe Place to break things?"

theCOOP is founded on the core principle of “learning by breaking and putting things back together. Whether it’s code or design files, we aim to establish an environment where folks can feel comfortable making mistakes and learn along the way.

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The biggest hurdle bootcamp grads face is separating ourselves from the pack

Building skills from bootcamp to the level needed to land a job is going to require actual in-house work. theCOOP bridges that gap.

Caitlin Hartung

UX Designer, theCOOP

What we're working on

Get Exposure. Participate in Process. Keep Learning.

Get Involved

Accepting new applicants. We have something for everyone.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible get from point A to point B by providing an engaged community and day-to-day structure to keep you motivated. You’ll learn and apply essential skills that are going to help you land that first gig. In general, commitments are on a rolling 60-day schedule (4 sprints basis), but the actual commitment varies based on your schedule.

engineer lockup
  • Engineer
  • - Graph Databases
  • - Machine Learning
  • - React Libraries
  • - Testing
  • - CI / CD
  • - Mobile Development
  • - Authentication
  • - CSS
  • - GIT and Debugging
designer lockup
  • Designer
  • - User Research
  • - Interaction Design
  • - Design Systems
  • - Information Architecture
  • - UI / Visual Design
  • - UX Strategy
  • - Prototyping
  • - HTML/CSS
data scientist lockup
  • Data Science
  • - Python
  • - R Programming
  • - Hadoop Platform (or Similar)
  • - SQL Databases
  • - Machine Learning
  • - AI
  • - Data Visualization
  • - BI Tools (i.e. Tableu)
  • - Synthesizing Data
mentor lockup
  • Mentor
  • - 1:1 Mentoring
  • - Group Presentations
  • - Sprint Planning
  • - Design Review
  • - Lightning talk (Presenter)
  • - Lightning talk (Audience)
  • - Interview Prep
  • - Job Market Advice
  • - Documentation Review